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The book, Filipinos in Hawaii, is part of Arcadia’s Images in America series. There are more than two dozen titles that focus on Filipino communities throughout the United States. Be sure to check out our other work with the Sistan C. Alhambra Filipino American Education Institute and the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program. Patricia Espiritu Halagao has created dynamic online curricula and teacher education opportunities for those interested in making sure our students start learning about Filipino American studies and the Philippines at younger ages.

Arcadia Publishing Arcadia Publishing is the leading local history publisher in the United States, with a catalog of more than 7,500 titles in print and hundreds of new titles released every year.

The Sistan C. Alhambra Filipino American Education Institute The mission of the Institute is to connect the knowledge and resources of the nation’s leading scholars in Philippine and Filipino American studies, languages, literature, curriculum and pedagogy with the expertise of K-12 teachers to ultimately benefit Filipino American students.

Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program: A Century of Challenge and Change - The Filipino American Story