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Welcome to Filipinos in Hawai‘i!

Filipinos In Hawaii
Arcadia Publishing (2011)
ISBN-10: 0738576085
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On this site, you’ll find other resources for generating your own projects on Filipinos in Hawaiʻi. The Galleries section contains images not included in the book. Due to format constraints on the number of images which could be published, we decided to post additional albums online.
One album extends the stories of Filipinos in Hawaiʻi to include fascinating images from U.S. sugar industry agents who lived in the Philippines before 1906. These agents documented daily work life, living arrangements, and skill levels of those who would become the latest labor source to the then Territory.
Another album consists of political cartoons from the early twentieth century that offer compelling evidence for the attitudes of the U.S. public toward both Hawaiʻi and the Philippines. Additional albums will be made available soon.